We did the review! Thank you for such a delicious cake. Everyone loved it and the way it looked and also how it tasted very good!
Thank you


We would recommend Lilly in a second. We met with her and tasted the flavors that we selected and were blown away. We ended up having three different flavors for our cake: pumpkin walnut with cream cheese frosting, cherry chip almond and cookies and crème; all were delicious and very moist. She made the sugar flowers on our cake to match the flowers used by our florist. It was just gorgeous. Thank you Lilly from the bottom of our hearts.

Christie R. (New Haven Lawn Club, New Haven, CT) Oct. 2018


<You made our dreams come true with this cake! Everyone raves about how good it was! We will forever recommend you and are delighted to post reviews about how amazing you were to work with!!!
The Harveys

We couldn't have more happy to work with Lilly! At our first meeting we were blown away by all the pictures she had shown us previous cakes. The tasting was to die for and it was hard to choose flavors! All were equally delicious. We chose lemon cake with raspberry ganache and raspberry jam filling as our tiered cake. We also chose a marble cake with chocolate ganache filling. Both were excellent and our guests raved about how great they tasted! When we saw our cake that day it was absolutely perfect and was exactly what we envisioned. Lilly truly listens and gives great suggestions to help make your revision a reality. We thank you Lilly for working with and you will be highly recommended!

Karyn F. (Allan Hill Tree Farm, Brooklyn, Ct, June 2018)

Don & Lilly:

Thank you for everything, seriously! You two are absolutely wonderful and it meant the word to James & I that you could be there on our special day and witness our union! The cake was insanely delicious, everyone raved about it! I'm mad I have to wait a whole year to take another bite! Ha ha! We hope you enjoyed yourselves, and I am sure we will see you again soon! Much Love,

James & Liz, August 2018 (Camp Mouwgli, New Hampshire)


Hi Lilly,


Just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing job that you did with our wedding cake. It tasted even better than I remembered and I was blown away with the decoration! You have such a talent!! We've been enjoying some of the leftovers all week. I'm happy to write glowing reviews for you wherever helpful. Thank you so much again!



Sydney, October 2018 (The Webb Barn, Wethersfield, CT)


Dear Lilly,

Your cakes was absolutely beautiful and so Delicious! Thank you so much!!

Thanks Again, Lisa

The flowers were spectacular! I could hardly believe they weren't real.

Ginger - Bride's grandmother

It looks so good, I cut giant slices! Mike, Bride's grandfather

Delicious cake! I almost licked my plate!! Gretchen (bride's aunt)

Great cake! Father of the bride

Thank you for your delicious beautiful cake!! Lori (Aunt)

Wow! The flowers were gorgeous and the cake tasted delicious! Kate, bride's aunt

Thank you, it tasted great! Heather, Bride's other sister

Thanks! Kellie, Bride's sister


We would highly recommend Lilly!!!!! We couldn’t have been more happy to work with her! At our first meeting we were blown away by all the pictures she had shown us of previous cakes. The tasting was to die for and it was hard to choose flavors! All were equally delicious. We chose almond cake with. Tres leches frosting and it was something everyone raves about at the wedding. When we saw our cake that day it was absolutely perfect and was exactly what we envisioned. Lilly truly listens and gives great suggestions to help make your revision a reality. We thank you Lilly for working us and and making our cake more beautiful than we could have ever imagined!

Chelsey, October 2018

Dearest Lilly:

Thank you so very much for sharing your exquisite talents and art with us by designing our beautiful wedding cake.

The hand made succulants were perfection and much admired by our guests as well as the servers and other who were able to view it. It was remarkable and absolutely ashame to cut into. However, everyone commented on how devine it tasted and even though we only had 74 guests and not the 109 that the cake would have served, there was NOTHING left. It was gloriously devored with great delight. How marvelous! Thank you Lilly, You are a true artist. Dee & Carl Reguin, June 2017


Dina Askitis 9-27-2017

9:31 PM (13 hours ago)
Hi Lilliana,
The cake was wonderful!!! Thank you so much! Everyone loved the cake. They asked who made it, and I handed them you business cards. My brother in law said, he has been looking for a cake that's moist and delicious like the one you made for my husband's birthday. He also said, that he never liked cake until he tasted yours! So he will be a future customer as I, and others from our family. Lilliana you are amazing! Again thank you so much for making my husbands 50th birthday amazing. He loved his cake❤? We will be in touch soon for our daughters birthday!


Ruth Sprong 6/19/17

Jun 19

The BFC was so delicious.  However you made it keep that recipe.  We have 1 piece left.

The other cake was discussed quite extensively.  The granddaughter of the groom is off to art school in the fall so the colors, shape, & design was discussed in detail & what a great artist you must be to be able to portray that on your cakes.  Everyone commented on the coconut filling - liking it the best!!
Christine Rodriguez

Lilly made our wedding cake, which was white chocolate with hint of almond flavor and raspberry buttercream and raspberry jam alternating filling. It was delicious and all of our guests loved it! The most stunning of all was the handmade flowers. Simply stunning!Christinestar

Lilly made our wedding cake, which was white chocolate with hint of almond flavor and raspberry buttercream and raspberry jam alternating filling. It was delicious and all of our guests loved it! The most stunning of all was the handmade flowers. Simply stunning!
Barbara Braun-Capossella
Thanks to Lilly for my amazing wedding cake. I chose 2 layers of strawberry with a chocolate gnash and 2 layers of annezette with a hazelnut filling. So delicious!!! The cake was a sea glass theme and was decorated beautifully. I would highly recommend Lilly for all your special occasion cakes!!

On Tue, Sep 1, 2015 at 7:44 PM


I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful, beautiful (que linda!) and delicious wedding cake. The passion fruit bottom layer was gobbled up and there were only a few slices left of the almond and rum cakes. Our friends really appreciated the choices and flavors. And good call not to use the bling earrings, the cake looked so much more elegant without them.
Did Maggie my wedding coordinator arrange to return the silver platter?
I am attaching a few pictures of 'cake moments'. We received so many compliments on the look and taste of the cake. I'll make sure to pass along referrals and order more cakes in the future. 

On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 1:46 PM, Shannon wrote:

The cakes was absolutely beautiful!! And delicious!!
Thank you so much!!!

Shannon L. Garthwait, MS, MCJ, LPC

Good morning Lilly!
Everyone LOVED the cake!!  It was a huge hit!  Thank you sooooo much!

You had tucked a couple of your cards in the card box so I had them on the table so some people took the information and when we went to leave, the cards were gone so I guess two other people took the cards!  I hope you get some more business from it!

Thank you again!  The cake was so perfect!  Cute and delicious!!  And you are the nicest person!

Have a great week!  I hope that beautiful wedding cake you were putting together was just as big a hit!
Warmest Regards,
Kathy O'Neill

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with each of you during my wedding planning and ceremony.  My husband and I, along with our families and friends, had the best day we could have ever imagined.  Thank you to all of you and your hard work!
I just wanted to let you all know that my photographer, Jeanine of Jeanine Rose Photography, submitted our wedding to The Knot for their "Real Wedding" features and it was picked!  I'm not sure if The Knot contacted you and let you know, but I wanted to make sure you had seen it.  She did a fantastic job at capturing everything and I wanted to make sure you all were recognized again, for all the hard work you put into our wedding day.
And Lilly, we still have the top tier of our cake in our freezer...I cannot WAIT to pull it out for our anniversary in a few weeks!  YUM!
Thanks again,
Heather Milligan-Day
Hi Lilly,

I really can't thank you enough for the wonderful job that you did on the elephant cake and cookies.  They were AMAZING!!  Everyone talked about them all day long.  And everything was so delicious!  My sister and sister-in-law were just blown away.

Thank you so much!  I can't wait for my next event so I can see another of your creations.


Dear Lilly,
Thank you so much for this wonderful cake!  My son was thrilled & my husband & I could not have been happier.  Everyone at the party complimented the appearance of the cake & even more on the taste!!!  Working with you was a pure delight & the end result was even more than I expected.  Thank you so much for everything!  I will definitely be contacting you again for my younger son's 1st birthday in August.

I completely LOVED the cake! Not only was the flavor delicious but I was completely awestruck when I saw how well you replicated both the monkey head and the game menu. The fact that I was even getting a cake was a complete surprise until the moment I saw it, but when I did, I was amazed! Nostalgia never tasted so good. I can't imagine you get too many orders for cakes with giant monkey heads on them, but I really appreciated the time you obviously took to make it. The individual tiles on the menu bar were an extraordinary touch as well. The whole thing was a ton of fun, and I'm really happy Kate found you to do the cake.

Thank you!!

Rob Giokas

The cake was DELICIOUS! We all loved it... and continue to love it. ;)


I ordered my son's Eagle Scout cake from Cakes by Lilly.   She was amazingly patient and helpful when deciding what type of cake to purchase.  But that was only the start - when the cake arrived it was gorgeous.  Everybody talked about how delicious the cake tasted.  My son picked out the chocolate cinnamon cake and chocolate filling, and it was phenomenal.  In fact after the ceremony he said "we should just buy a cake from Lilly every once in a while just to have at home." That sums it up right there..
Caren Harder 

Oana wrote: "Thank you Lilly for this amazing cake and loved this filling and flavor!"

I'm sure you don't remember but you made a cake for my sons 4th birthday last year(spiderman).  We loved the cake so much we were wondering if you were available to make a cake for his 5th birthday onMay 17th.  Please let us know if you are available .
Lori Mack  

Lilly. I snapped this pic from Facebook so you could see the happy mom and baby. As you can see red is the Chinese celebratory color. Sorry the cake is already cut in this photo but my son did a good job following your instructions. Once again thanks!!!

Sent from my iPhone




I don’t know where to begin. The cakes were fabulous. I hope the pictures end up on your website because they were both stunning. I gave your name to so many of our guests because I was asked over and over who baked the amazing cakes. If they don’t remember your name, they will certainly remember whose party they were at when they ate them. Not only did they look incredible but they both tasted incredible. I have never had moister, tastier cakes served at a large party. The debate was which one was better. I’m on the side of the chocolate cake with the hazelnut filling but I think my daughter’s lemon cake with the passion fruit filling got even greater reviews. My daughter and her boyfriend were so surprised at how well you recreated the Cambridge University crest and their college scarves. They were immediately recognizable. The flowers and scrollwork on my cake were so realistic looking I was asked by several people if the flowers were real. I can’t imagine how long it took you to prepare those flowers but they were perfect.


I hope I get the opportunity to have you bake for us again. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from my friends. Everyone had a great time at the party but they all went home talking about the cakes.


Thank you again,


Randi Friedman


O Lilly I have never seen such a beautiful cake ever!!!!  Polly just loved loved it!!  She said it was absolutely gorgeous!!  When she sent me the pictures, I had to ask if the flowers were real?!!  She said "mom I've never seen anything like it". She was so surprised and so so impressed!!!  She told me "I can't cut this because it's too beautiful!"  She managed to take the sunflower and ribbon and white flowers off so I could see it when I visited the next week. I really could not believe your detailed art!!!  Of course I had to touch it!  They were amazing!  I can't begin to thank you for all of your special touches and especially being so nice to me!  The cake was a huge success and quite a show piece!!  Thank you. Thank you. I'm sorry I did not thank you before this. You really should enter your cakes in lots of magazines!!!!  Everybody would go crazy!!  You are the most talented cake maker I have ever seen!   Fondly Beth   

Ps. By the way the cake was delicious!!

Beth Hewitt Sent from my iPhone





Dear Lilly  


The Tea Theme Cake - 2 photo's below - was the most beautiful and delicious work of art anyone could have asked for - at Jean Marie's Tea Theme Bridal Shower on Saturday.  No one could get over the art work, fine detail and design of the entire cake.  It was as delicious as it was beautiful!  You never cease to amaze me...and I look forward to another occasion when I can call you once again and share in your talent.  The care of every detail was so amazing......and everyone was in awe. Even the Chef at the restaurant came out to ask me who made this work of art. Thank you also for your kindness in delivering the Cake to Casey's home.....This was so much appreciated.  The day was beautiful and perfect in every way.   Kind regards and much appreciation.    


Linda Rose Farrugia 9/22/12



 It was fabulous!  Thank you so much!  Everyone loved it!  



Hi Lilly! 

But the party was awesome and the cake was DELICIOUS! Everyone enjoyed it and my parents even got to take some extra home! They were so excited when they heard you made the cake. I'm sure they'll be in touch soon. Thank you SO much, take care!

- Kelly 8/16/12

I just had to share my wedding cake with you. We were married in Mexico this past May and we wanted to carry on the Mexico theme for our at home wedding reception.  We hired Cakes by Lilly, located in Hebron, CT.  Lilly went out of her way to make the vision of my dream wedding cake come true at a budget we could afford.

When I met with Lilly the first time, there was absolutely no pressure!  As a matter of fact, I didn't want to leave I was  having such a good time reviewing her many photo books and tasting cake flavors of my choice.  And believe me there are many flavors to choose from.  Not only will your cake look great but it will taste great too.


Thank you Lilly, you made our day extra special because of your talent and creative ways! 5/2012

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